You WILL have the body you want.

My name is Alexa, 19 years young and reside in Dallas, TX. So far I've lost 20 lbs since April 20th. I don't have an exact goal weight I just want to be at a healthy weight that I find suitable for my height (5'4.) For years I've struggled with an Eating Disorder that ruined me mentally and physically. It's really hard to talk about it without me getting emotional so posting about it here is a huge deal. I am not dieting for a certain amount of time to just lose weight and then go back to old eating habits. This is a change for a healthy lifestyle for life! And of course weight loss as well. I am ashamed to post how much I actually weigh but once I get to an ideal weight I will tell you guys all the stats + before and after pics ;)
~So tell me your story and weight loss goals if you'd like! I am here for support and advice :) We can all do this together!